This is the story about us, the Ledingham family from London. July 2016, we left the rate race in London, our jobs, family, friends and house for a 12 month whirlwind tour of planet earth with a plan to enjoy and show our children Scott, 5 and Ingrid, 8 first hand the amazing world we live in, to learn more about it and about ourselves as we go along.

We are having  an amazing time living our dream adventure today because you never know what tomorrow brings!


  • Kristina 40 Swedish by birth, loves the outdoors, camping, skiing, rock climbing & coffee
  • Paul 44 born in Scotland loves long distance running, swimming and all sorts of art
  • Ingrid 8 big on reading, rock climbing, building lego and telling jokes
  • Scott 5 is into wrestling, loves all animals, cleaning and making his own lego designs

Traveling round the world since July 2016 till July 2017

More and more followers are joining us on our recently launched Facebook page GoZonia

Many followers on Instagram @GoZonia.

Watch this space….


All images are Kristina and Paul Ledinghams and may not be used without permission, but feel free to contact us if you are interested in buying a picture.


Entries written in a journalistic basis. We tip never about a place, destination, activity or product, I / we do not like myself or really interested in visiting or test.

With that said – we are happy to receive requests / tips of places, activities and destinations to visit.

Any requests for collaborations managed based on the foregoing basis.



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Ledingham Family Adventures Round the World

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