Turtles and friends – Malaysia RWT itineray

Malaysia, one of our favourite countries on our round the world trip so far.

We cut our planned time in China short by 2 weeks as we could not face to process of applying for visa extensions. By paying a small fee we managed to move our planned flight to Kuala Lumpur forward and thought why not stay for 2 weeks somewhere in Malaysia before our next planned flight to Australia. Having traveled inland in Nepal and China for 2 months we were longing to swim in the sea and found cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kuta Barhu, from where we would get the taxi and boat to the Perhentian Islands. Go there its amazing!


Friends in Kuala Lumpur

Our next stop in Kula Lumpur was on our way back from Australia and Bali before heading off to Thailand. This time we stayed with our new friends , Eun, Sean and Scott who we met in Perhantian Islands 6 weeks earlier and with some old friends of ours from London. Kuala Lumpur is such a great place, it even has some amazing indoor climbing.



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