Our favourite things in Granada

A more local view on Granada

Granada market

While living in Nicaragua for a month we have enjoyed getting into a more normal routine and not doing a lot of touristy things. In our day to day life here and during the weekends there are many simple things we enjoy doing. We have even made a map of the city centre with all our favourite things on it!

Monkeying around by lake Nicaragua

Monkey on the monkey bars

Late afternoon play in the park down by lake Nicaragua. The music is loud, the ground is littered with plastic bags and cups and by the shore are starving horses and cows grazing. We enjoy coming here to climb on the many climbing frames & monkey bars with the local kids.

Playground by lake Nicaragua where horses and cows also like to hang out
Lots and lots of colourful swings in the park

Sunday lunch delicacies in the park with the locals

The local have Sundays off and come in busloads and in overfull cars to enjoy a day by the lakeside. Families chill out in hammocks in the shade and eat Vigoron with Chicharron, a delicious plate of food with Yucca, plantain chips and pork crackling, sold at one of the may simple stalls here.

Vigaron – One of Pauls favourite foods in Nicaragua
The locals swim in the lake, most other people don’t. Only lake in the world with sharks!
Trying to negotiate the price

Wander up and down the Calzada to Parque central

Even though this is the tourist bit of Granada its still a nice walk. There are restaurants, shops, hotels and cafes lining the streets. The street is closed from traffic, only horses and bikes are allowed to come down the street.

Morning walk with view of Mombacho volcano, one of 19 active volcanos in Nicaragua
The Calzada

Going to school learning Spanish

The only difference to the local kids school is that their school day starts at 7 and ours starts at 8.

Arts, crafts and playing at home in Casa Ranita

Its nice to have enough the space to play without all of us having to do the same thing and just like the locals, we spend much of the day inside avoiding the blazing heat.

Buying fruit, vegetables & meat at the local market

My favourite fruit stall on the left

Early morning is the best time to go to the market. There is lots of produce to choose from and lots of stalls selling the same things. Different areas in the market typically sell different kinds of things, e.g. meet section, fruit section, clothes, school supplies. I have a few favourite stalls that go to every day.

This is where I buy vegetables
Scott looking for the best bananas
This is where I buy our meet
Rice and beans
Paul looking everywhere for a 2nd hand bike.
You can buy almost anything at the market here

Cooking our own food – and clearing up too!

Eating every meal out, ordering an waiting for your food gets a bit tedious when you are on the road. Ingrid and Scott especially, love eating in and to help with mealtimes.

Ingrid making pancakes and Scott cutting up fresh pinapple
Ingrids amazing pancakes
Scott usually does the washing up, Paul dries and Ingrid puts it away
Making Swedish meatballs

Watching the many horses wander around in town

One of many working horses in Granada

Horses play an important role as working animals and transportation here. In the mornings there and many horses out wandering the streets eating out of the bins or grazing down by the lake.

Walks around among the beautiful coloured houses

Love walking up this street

Pictures that speak a thousand words. Imagine if all these houses were plain grey concrete, life would not be the same. I just love the colours in this town just walking around town puts a smile on your face !

My favourite colour in all of Granada
The more contrast the better
Little coffee shop round the corner
Another colour I just love

Watching the sunset and sunrise over the mountains

Early morning sunrise or evening sunset it is all so beautiful and we just cant get enough of the crips blue skies and the beautiful colours of the sun.

A ride on the local chicken bus

Everyone packs in and no matter how full, someone will always try to make space for you if you are travelling with a child. Latin music is blaring out of the speakers, the wind is blowing in through the open windows as we slowly make our way towards Masaya. Its great fun, cheap at 10$c per person and very easy to get around.

Chicken bus to Laguna de Apoyo

All these things makes Granada a great place to stay! I will share our favourite touristy things here in my next post!



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