Feeling at home in friendly Chiang Mai

Chilled out Chiang Mai –  a city for all tastes

After a rural homestay north of Chiang Mai we went to stay in Chiang Mai city for a few days to be close to Chiang Mai Climbing Adventures (CMCA) as Ingrid and I were going out climbing with their instructors during their training and certification session.

Climbing with CMCA at Crazy Horse Buttress Chiang Mai

We opted for a really cheap hotel here, but in a great location close to CMCA, great eateries and both the Saturday and Sunday night markets.

The Anodard hotel was a bit run down and dirty but, for £16 a night for the 4 of us, its still a pretty good deal.

Den building in our hotel room in Anodard hotel, Chiang Mai

Great food and sites in tourist friendly Chiang Mai

Monk in a box at Wat Chedi Luang – he is not real!

We didn’t expect to really like staying in Chiang Mai as we had such a lovely time in the rural home stay, but we were positively surprised. We rented bikes and spent a couple of days biking around town visiting temples, markets and the park and were all surprised by how much we liked to vibe here.

Saturday night food market in Chiang Mai

The streets are full of a lovely mix of locals and tourists of all sorts and along many streets are little restaurants, cafes, juice bars, hostels and tourist information stalls.

Cup of tea at a street cafe in Chiang Mai

What we like about this place is that no one is hassling you to buy anything or to go anywhere but you feel really free to wander around and just be. The many beautiful sites also makes most walks and bike rides interesting, even if you don’t go in.

Scott was born in the year of the Rabbit @Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chedi Luang
Amazing meal at Mr Tonys

The food here is also very tasty and can be really cheep if you avoid the more upmarket western places. The 2 places we really loved were Mr Tony and the Coconut Shell the food is amazing and really cheap.The selection of fresh fruit shakes and smoothies is fantastic and a great compliment to any meal any time of the day.

Scott testing the selection of smoothies for breakfast. Mango is a clear winner.

Home comforts in Chiang Mai

Outside the old town are a few big shopping centres with all shops and conveniences you could ever want. We spent one afternoon going to the cinema, for the British showing of the new Harry Potter movie. Great fun for all of us and nice to have a break with some home comforts. Next stop the mountains of Chiang Dao.


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