Awesome climbing at Camp 5, Kuala Lumpur

Asia largest indoor AC climbing gym

I was soo excited to discover that Asia largest indoor climbing gym can be found in Kuala Lumpur! My fingers were itching just thinking about going there to try it out. As we had a day to kill in KL before flying out to Australia it seemed a perfect time to go and check it out.


It all worked out beautifully as Camp 5 climbing is located in the worlds 4th largest shopping mall Utama 1 and we had a few things to get before hitting Oz that we could get at the same time. We decided that the boys would go shopping while the girls went climbing! Perfect plan if you ask me:-)

The sign up process at Camp 5 was simple, quick and cheap. We paid £10 for Ingrid and me to climb for the day and to have our details registered. That means that when we stop by KL on our way back to SE Asia we can come back for more. Yey!


The bouldering walls are really varied and has a lot of routes on offer. We spent 1 hr working our way round the caves and the main walls. We also dedicated an hour to the top ropes and auto belays, of which there are 4. The walls here are higher than in the UK 14-20m. Also, one of the top rope walls is synthetic rock, which is great training for outdoor climbing.

For those loving lead, there is an amazing choice of walls with a great range of grades. The longest route is a 30m overhang which looks totally awesome!


6 wks of no climbing and the last 10 days on the beach have unfortunately left my hands with baby soft skin and I was gutted to have to call it a day after just 2 hrs….We will be back soon though!



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