China Itinery

Our 4week China itinery

Our flights were booked to take us to Hong Kong Aug 26th and fly us out of Beijing on Oct 8th, allowing us to spend a total 6 week travelling through China. However, the Chinese Visa office in Hong Kong only granted us a 30 day visa and so halfway into our journey through China, we decided to change our travel plans to leave before our visa expired rather than facing a long and expensive process of extending our visas on route.

30 days turned out to suit us perfectly in the end.

Summary of our 4 weeks in China:

  • Hong Kong 4 nights
  • Train to Guilin
  • Guilin 2 nights
  • Boat to Yangshuo
  • Yangshuo 9 nights
  • Plane to Kunming then train to Lijiang
  • Sleeper train 1 night
  • Walnut village in Tiger Leaping Gorge 4 nights
  • Plane from Lijiang to Checgdu
  • Chengdu 2 nights
  • Sleeper train to Xian 1 night
  • Xian 3 nights
  • Train to Pingyao
  • Pingyao 3 nights
  • Train to Beijing
  • Beijing 2 nights

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