Guilin to Yangshuo

Epic slide

Guilin is a city with 3m people and a city centre similar to any western city. It has a pedestrian centre with old and new shops, little eateries, big restaurants juice and snack bars. 1472799488119On our only day here, before taking to boat to Yangshuo, we did a trip to Yang hill where we got the ski lift to the top and the epic 750m slide back to the bottom. Epic! according to Scott.img_1573

Climb the 50 meters to the garden right at at the top for a magical walk through trees full of red ribbons. There is a geological showroom and dinosaur museum at the bottom which is also worth a visit if you have the time.img_1609

This was our first but certainly not the last encounter with curious tourists more interested in taking photos of Ingrid and Scott then of the amazing landscape. We even got offered money from a family who wanted to buy some of Ingrids blond hair!

Travel by taxi is a very affordable in China. A taxi there and back was only 100 Y. Lunch back in town in one of Guilins many tasty and cheap Noodle bars was a success with everyone. img_1643This was or 1st, but not last time in a restaurant where we could not understand a single word of the menu. We choose our food by looking at the images and at what other people were eating and for the kids demanded the food to be Bai la (non spicy)

In these noodle bars you get a bowl with noodles and a few toppings of your choice, you then add broth and condiments, such as pickles and chilies to your liking and voila, ready to eat!

Daft raft

We had planned to take a bamboo raft down the Li river to Yangshuo as we thought it would be a more interesting way to experience to scenery and the river. It turns out the minimum hight restriction for the raft is120cm so we ended up on a river cruise instead. img_1655As we sat inside the air-conditioned deck in comfortable seats, drinking tea and eating the box lunch included, we looked out at the rickety bamboo rafts and were glad we were not on one of them. A 3 hr journey sitting still with the kids on deck chairs in stifling heat is not something I would recommend. 3 hrs of loud Chinese tour guiding later we finally arrived in Yangshuo.

Top tip!

When travelling with kids its a good idea to bring forks. Most local restaurants have spoons but for noodles and meat forks are a great help to Ingrid and Scott enjoying it. We have a pencil case with sporks and kids chop sticks that we bring everywhere and this is a great help to the kids.

Bring your own tissue! most restaurants will not offer you any and eating Chinese food is messy


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