School on skype

School week 2 & 3

img_3545After our Skype session with Linda, their teacher, and having earned their first 10 stickers reward, the kids have been excited about getting stuck in with more schoolwork.

Linda sent through work sheets for both Ingrid and Scott to get through over the next week. With little plans for our 3 days in Tiger leaping gorge, it proved perfect for the kids to get going with their school work.

Useful tools

I have some Biff and Kipper books on my kindle that we get Scott to read every night in return for a sticker in his reward book. He enjoys this and his reading is really coming along. Paul took some time to work through the phonics cards we brought, practicing basic word and sounds, then Scott and I went on a shape hunt set by Linda. img_3543This was his favourite school activity of the week. I also spent some time with Scott practising how to write numbers and key letters on the little wipe clean board we brought. This is proving to be a really useful tool as we dont have lots of paper with us for him to write on and he is still writing some letters and numbers back to front.

Ingrid got a lot of literacy work sheets from Linda and spent a whole morning with me plowing through it all, upgrading her writing and working through grammar exercises. The following morning she did some maths in the work book I brought and extended writing with Paul explaining why cows are holy in Nepal. She really is enjoying getting back into school work again and gaining knowledge about the world we live in.

IMG_2854In order to make the school sessions work we have to separate Scott and Ingrid and take turns in helping them. Scott can only really concentrate for 30 min at a time while Ingrid can quite happily keep going for 2-3 hrs.

Skype with Linda

Both Ingrid and Scott were super excited about the skye session and wanted to show Linda the work they had done in the past week.  img_3540We had some issues with the internet cutting out and a delay in the sound  but the kids managed to just work through it without getting too distracted. We also lacked the opportunity to print the work sent so used their writing books instead and simply copied over the work for the kids to do in there.

Linda had prepared sound and number cards which she worked through with Scott and with Ingrid she did some literacy work where she verbally had to upgrade the writing of a story and some mental maths. Im really pleased about how well this seem to be working so far. Its a very good investment.

School of the world

As we have soo much quality time together with very few distractions such as tvs and computers we are spending much more time simply talking to each other. Ingrid is super keen on finding out about things around her and understanding the ways of the world and so Paul is teaching her about China by explaining how Capitalism, Confusionism and Marxism works.

Scott loves it when we tell him stories about things around us such as the vegetables grown at the back of the house, how the mountains and gorge were shaped by water over time, about culture and traditions and how people live here and why.

We also had an amazing creative session making and racing paperboats that the kids loved.img_2363-1

This is probably the best way of learning


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