Pokhara is the gateway town a lot of the trekking in Nepal. In a beautiful location right next to the jade coloured Fewa lake and with the snowcapped Anapurna’s in the background, it feels like its the beginning of something magical.

IMG_2711We spent a few days here recovering from tummy bugs and getting organised for our planned trek.

Top 3 Pokhara with kids:

World Peace Pagoda

Take the boat across the lake then climb the path to the top. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of the peace pagoda. The boat across takes 30-45 min. You can pay to be take there or you can row the boat your self. Ingrid rowed our boat across the lake in 1 hr.

IMG_0772 IMG_0791Halfway up the trail is a little place where you can buy drinks and have a rest. The walk to the top is easy but up hill and takes about 1 hr.

The German bakery

Everyday in Pokhara we came here to enjoy amazing coffee and muffins. Enjoy the view of the lake and passersby and simply enjoy being here. We took the kids here in the morning as a treat once they had completed their schoolwork.



No matter how inviting the lake might look on one of the hot days here it is not advisable to swim due to pollution. There are a few hotels with swimming pools in and around Pokhara that allow you to use the pool facilities if you pay an fee so this is what we did to keep our cool here. Our preferred pool was situated close to the airport at hotel Jal Mahal right next to an empty, ghost like children amusement park. You have to pay an entrance fee to the park and to the pool but its money well spent.

IMG_2806We were the only people here all day and the kids simply loved it!


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