We go wild in Chitwan!

Jungle adventures

The 7 hr road from hell to get here did not bring our spirits down for more than a an afternoon. Where is a good place to rest  and recover from this long and uncomfortable journey you might ask. Well, anywhere that can offer a clean bed,  air conditioning and a fan.

Too hot to handle


IMG_2662When I booked our accommodation, I got carried away by the idea of a true jungle adventure and booked us into a place called ECO lodge, where we would stay 4 nights in a bamboo hut with outside showers and a fan, no AC! Had it not been for the 35 heat we were enduring during our time in Chitwan in August I think we would all have loved this place. IMG_2664There are little bamboo huts on stilts, beautiful outside showers with the odd frog or lizard to keep you company, nice common space and more. However, in addition to the excruciating heat, Scott and I caught a tummy bug and were really unwell with a high temperature so we had to move to a nearby place with AC for the last night. Worth noting is that in Nepal, electricity comes and goes and in most places, Kathmandu and Pokhara included. The power is usually on at night from 4 am to 6 or 7 pm and sometimes for an hr or so during the day. So in the summer months  its always a good idea to book a room with AC & a fan to help you keep your cool.

Animal encounters

This place is all about meeting and spotting wild animals and we had some great momoents here doing just that that the kids will always remember.

Swimming with elephants

Every day at 10.30 the elephant keepers here take the elephants to the river for a wash and a swim. A little path next to the River view lodge on the main street will take you there. You can sit on an elephant and get splashed or simply go for a dip in the river and enjoy being in the same space as these beautiful animals. IMG_2643

Thats the part we all liked the most. A few of the local children joined Ingrid and Scott for a splash and for all us us, this was the best moment in Chitwan.

Crocodile spotting

Slowly gliding through the waters in a long wooden canoe, is a pleasure by itself. IMG_0494Ad the excitement of spotting 8 big crocodiles along the way and you and the kids will all enjoy this trip.


We took the slow Ox cart to and from the river which added charm and adventure ti this trip.

Looking for tigers

The best chance to spot wildlife is at dusk and dawn. We booked elephant safari through our hotel for the earliest available slot at 7am, but by the time we got on the elephant it was already day light and very hot. img_0612 We enjoyed being taken out in he national park on this magnificent animal, through high grass, across the river and swamps off any visible track. img_2667We saw deer, birds and crocodiles but to the kids disappointment no rhinos or bengal tigers. 1 hr on the back of an elephant is quite  long time. Ingrid got motion sick and Scotty got bored after a while. It’s still worth doing while you are here though.




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