Holy Cow! Culture shock on arrival in Nepal

Holy Cow!


Arriving in Nepal

Qatar air from Sweden to Nepal via Doha was quite good and kids were very excited about the over night flight but managed to sleep at least some of the way to Doha. They loved watching the latest kids movies and they got an activity bag each which helped keep them busy for a while.IMG_0239

Leaving the airplane in Doha was like stepping out from a fridge and into a hot oven. 36 at 01 o’clock in the  morning. The cold air inside the plane looked like smoke as it crashed into the hot air rushing in from outside. This was our first walk in the clouds in Nepal..2nd time would be in the Annapurna mountains.


One interesting thing we noticed as we boarded and left the airplane in Kathmandu was that `being polite and waiting for your turn meant never actually getting anywhere. Here its all sharp elbows to get ahead.

The same was true when we got out of the airport and into the car to get to the hotel. The pre arranged hotel driver, quickly told us there are no traffic lights or road signs in Nepal, you push ahead and simply beep to let people know you are coming. I was glad I was not the one driving. Its a good idea to arrange a pick up from the hotel, as it takes a lot of stress away upon arrival when everyone is tired and grumpy. We simply email the hotel through our confirmation email received from Booking.com and that has worked well so far.

Looking out of the taxi window at the dusty road, crazy traffic, hoards of people feeling hot tired and sweaty suddenly a holy cow appears and that pretty much summarises my emotions at the time. Holy Cow!


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